Global Optimization, Analytics, and Learning Lab

Welcome to the Global Optimization, Analytics, and Learning (GOAL) Lab at Queen’s School of Computing, led by Dr. Salimur Choudhury. At GOAL Lab, our core mission revolves around three fundamental pillars: Optimization, Analytics, and Learning. We are committed to shaping the future in the domains of resource allocation, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and Quantum Algorithms for the evolving Internet of Everything. In the field of Optimization, our lab focuses on pioneering advanced algorithms and strategies. We delve into cutting-edge research, ensuring that our solutions are both efficient and practical for immediate application across various industries. Analytics is another cornerstone of our work. We harness the power of data to derive actionable insights that drive decision-making. Learning constitutes the third dimension of our lab’s activities. We are passionate about leveraging machine learning and AI techniques to create autonomous, adaptive systems.  Collaboration is a key part of our ethos. We actively partner with various industries to ensure that our research is immediately applicable in real-world industrial settings. By bridging the gap between theory and practice, we enable organizations to harness the benefits of our innovative solutions.
In summary, the GOAL Lab is dedicated to advancing the fields of Optimization, Analytics, and Learning. We are committed to working with industries to make research immediately applicable and shaping a brighter future in network systems, healthcare, and the domain of autonomous vehicles. Join us in redefining possibilities and driving impactful change.