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Syeda, Ayesha; Fooladgar, Fahimeh; Jamzad, Amoon; Srikanthan, Dilakshan; Kaufmann, Martin; Ren, Kevin; Engel, Jay; Walker, Ross; Merchant, Shaila; McKay, Doug; Varma, Sonal; Fichtinger, Gabor; Rudan, John; Mousavi, Parvin

Self-supervised learning and uncertainty estimation for surgical margin detection Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 76-83, 2023.

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Yeung, Chris; Ehrlich, Joshua; Jamzad, Amoon; Kaufmann, Martin; Rudan, John; Engel, Cecil Jay; Mousavi, Parvin; Ungi, Tamas; Fichtinger, Gabor

Cautery trajectory analysis for evaluation of resection margins in breast-conserving surgery Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 495-501, 2023.

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Hashtrudi-Zaad, Kian; Hisey, Rebecca; Klosa, Elizabeth; Zevin, Boris; Ungi, Tamas; Fichtinger, Gabor

Using object detection for surgical tool recognition in simulated open inguinal hernia repair surgery Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 96-101, 2023.

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March, L; Rodgers, JR; Hisey, R; Jamzad, A; Santilli, AML; McKay, D; Rudan, JF; Kaufmann, M; Ren, KYM; Fichtinger, G; Mousavi, P

Cautery tool state detection using deep learning on intraoperative surgery videos Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 89-95, 2023.

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Alqaoud, Motaz; Plemmons, John; Feliberti, Eric; Kaipa, Krishnanand; Fichtinger, Gabor; Xiao, Yiming; Rashid, Tanweer; Audette, Michel

Multi-Material, Approach-Guided, Controlled-Resolution Breast Meshing for Fe-Based Interactive Surgery Simulation Journal Article

In: pp. 402-412, 2023.

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Groves, Leah A; Keita, Mohamed; Talla, Saidou; Kikinis, Ron; Fichtinger, Gabor; Mousavi, Parvin; Camara, Mamadou

A Review of Low-cost Ultrasound Compatible Phantoms Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Ndiaye, Fatou Bintou; Groves, Leah; Hisey, Rebecca; Ungi, Tamas; Diop, Idy; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor; Camara, Mamadou Samba

Desing and realization of a computer-assisted nephrostomy guidance system Journal Article

In: pp. 1-6, 2023.

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Fichtinger, Gabor; Holden, Matthew; Jannin, Pierre; Haegelen, Claire; Zhao, Yulong

Proficiency assessment system and method for deep brain stimulation (DBS) Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Tomalty, Diane; Giovannetti, Olivia; Velikonja, Leah; Munday, Jasica; Kaufmann, Martin; Iaboni, Natasha; Jamzad, Amoon; Rubino, Rachel; Fichtinger, Gabor; Mousavi, Parvin; Nicol, Christopher JB; Rudan, John F; Adams, Michael A

Molecular characterization of human peripheral nerves using desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometry imaging Journal Article

In: Journal of Anatomy, vol. 243, iss. 5, pp. 758-769, 2023.

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Srikanthan, Dilakshan; Kaufmann, Martin; Jamzad, Amoon; Syeda, Ayesha; Santilli, Alice; Sedghi, Alireza; Fichtinger, Gabor; Purzner, Jamie; Rudan, John; Purzner, Teresa; Mousavi, Parvin

Attention-based multi-instance learning for improved glioblastoma detection using mass spectrometry Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 248-253, 2023.

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Szabó, Róbert Zsolt; Orosz, Gábor; Ungi, Tamás; Barr, Colton; Yeung, Chris; Incze, Roland; Fichtinger, Gabor; Gál, János; Haidegger, Tamás

Automation of lung ultrasound imaging and image processing for bedside diagnostic examinations Journal Article

In: pp. 000779-000784, 2023.

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Jamzad, Amoon; Fooladgar, Fahimeh; Connolly, Laura; Srikanthan, Dilakshan; Syeda, Ayesha; Kaufmann, Martin; Ren, Kevin YM; Merchant, Shaila; Engel, Jay; Varma, Sonal; Fichtinger, Gabor; Rudan, John F; Mousavi, Parvin

Bridging Ex-Vivo Training and Intra-operative Deployment for Surgical Margin Assessment with Evidential Graph Transformer Journal Article

In: pp. 562-571, 2023.

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Pose-Díez-de-la-Lastra, Alicia; Ungi, Tamas; Morton, David; Fichtinger, Gabor; Pascau, Javier

Real-time integration between Microsoft HoloLens 2 and 3D Slicer with demonstration in pedicle screw placement planning Journal Article

In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, vol. 18, iss. 11, pp. 2023-2032, 2023.

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Whyne, Cari M; Underwood, Grace; Davidson, Sean RH; Robert, Normand; Huang, Christine; Akens, Margarete K; Fichtinger, Gabor; Yee, Albert JM; Hardisty, Michael

Development and validation of a radiofrequency ablation treatment planning system for vertebral metastases Journal Article

In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, vol. 18, iss. 12, pp. 2339-2347, 2023.

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Orosz, Gábor; Szabó, Róbert Zsolt; Ungi, Tamás; Barr, Colton; Yeung, Chris; Fichtinger, Gábor; Gál, János; Haidegger, Tamás

Lung Ultrasound Imaging and Image Processing with Artificial Intelligence Methods for Bedside Diagnostic Examinations Journal Article

In: Acta Polytechnica Hungarica, vol. 20, iss. 8, 2023.

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Nam, Hannah H; Flynn, Maura; Lasso, Andras; Herz, Christian; Sabin, Patricia; Wang, Yan; Cianciulli, Alana; Vigil, Chad; Huang, Jing; Vicory, Jared; Paniagua, Beatriz; Allemang, David; Goldberg, David J; Nuri, Mohammed; Cohen, Meryl S; Fichtinger, Gabor; Jolley, Matthew A

Modeling of the tricuspid valve and right ventricle in hypoplastic left heart syndrome with a Fontan circulation Journal Article

In: Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging, vol. 16, iss. 3, pp. e014671, 2023.

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Kitner, Nicole; Rodgers, Jessica R; Ungi, Tamas; Korzeniowski, Martin; Olding, Timothy; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor

Multi-catheter modelling in reconstructed 3D transrectal ultrasound images from prostate brachytherapy Journal Article

In: vol. 12466, pp. 126-135, 2023.

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Kaufmann, Martin; Iaboni, Natasha; Jamzad, Amoon; Hurlbut, David; Ren, Kevin Yi Mi; Rudan, John F; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor; Varma, Sonal; Caycedo-Marulanda, Antonio; Nicol, Christopher JB

Metabolically active zones involving fatty acid elongation delineated by DESI-MSI correlate with pathological and prognostic features of colorectal cancer Journal Article

In: Metabolites, vol. 13, iss. 4, pp. 508, 2023.

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Fooladgar, Fahimeh; Jamzad, Amoon; Connolly, Laura; Santilli, Alice; Kaufmann, Martin; Ren, Kevin; Abolmaesumi, Purang; Rudan, John; McKay, Doug; Fichtinger, Gabor; Mousavi, Parvin

Uncertainty estimation for margin detection in cancer surgery using mass spectrometry Journal Article

In: International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 2022.

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Kitner, Nicole; Rodgers, Jessica R.; Ungi, Tamas; Olding, Timothy; Joshi, C. P.; Mousavi, Parvin; Fichtinger, Gabor; Korzeniowski, Martin

Automated catheter localization in ultrasound images from High-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy using deep learning and feature extraction Conference

Canadian Association for Radiation Oncologists (CARO) Annual Scientific Meeting, Canadian Association for Radiation Oncologists, 2022.


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